With any plan that you chose, it is important that you know you are getting the best advice from our sales representatives.
Of course! SMB Express has unrivalled experience of shipping. Please contact SMB Express Sales to discuss your needs.
SMB Express wallet (soon) is recommended if you ship frequently, this provides you with negotiated price savings and the opportunity to prepay. Payment can also be made in cash, credit card, or cash on delivery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Actual weight is the weight of the package while volumetric weight takes into consideration the dimensions of the package. For example, if you order a tall vase, the volumetric package weight will be calculated based on the Length x Width x Height divided by 5000.
When your package is received at our facility, we calculate both the actual weight of the package and its volumetric weight; the larger figure will be applied to your package. This procedure is followed by all airlines and freight forwarding companies.
International Express shipments have destinations outside of the country of origin while the Domestic service is shipments with a destination within the same country of origin.
The tracking page provides you with updated information about your shipment.
You must contact the customer service team to cancel the shipment before the Pickup.
Each business plan has a contract with clear terms and an agreement designed to suit your requirements and includes all the features provided to you and preserves the rights of the service provider and the beneficiary.

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